January 3, 2008

Liz Explains Why She Married Felipe and How This Influenced Her Next Book

From her interveiew on NPR's Talk of the Nation on December 19 2007:

"I'm working on a new book that's also a memoir that's about marriage. It's about getting married after having been through a really bad divorce and becoming somebody who was not a believer in the institution.

"And my husband and I ended up getting married not necessarily because we wanted to. In fact, we desperately did not want to. We'd both been through really bad divorces, but because, like my friend Yudhi, we ran into a little trouble with Homeland Security and the INS and we were proposed to by an agent of Homeland Security at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport when they kicked Felipe out of the country.

"A nice man named Officer Tom sat us down and explained that perhaps, it was time we got married. it was sort of a very parental moment for the government to tell us that it was time we make ourselves decent citizens.

So the next book starts from there, and it's about, our travels for a year trying to get back into the country. And we did spend a lot of time with some of the same people, so I think they may show up again in print."