January 11, 2008

Quotes from Liz's Appearance on NPRs Talk of the Nation

On December 19, 2007 Elizabeth Gilbert was interviewed on NPR's Talk of the Nation.Here are a few of the quote-able highlights:

When The Whole World Knows Your Personal Life
"As anybody who would know me would testify, I mean, they could read the book or they could stand behind me in the supermarket line. I would give them all the same information anyway. It didn't seem like it would be true to my nature to hide any of it."

Romanticizing The Idea Of A Spiritual Journey
"We think that we have to actually change our nature in order to become in closer access to our divinity. And in reality, it's the opposite. You know, the closer you get to the Earth, the closer you get to your center, the closer you get to your own reality, you know, the easier time you're going to have having an honest encounter with the divine. Anything else is just like froufrou.

"There comes a moment where we realize, oh, actually, I am the custodian of my own selfhood. You know, nobody is going to take care of this for me. It's really my responsibility to get out there and figure it out for myself, and that's what that whole year of traveling was about for me."

Her Spiritual Path Now
"Meditation fits into my life as much as I'm able to put it in there. It's still something that I have to push myself to do. And it's still something I struggle doing. But that said, when I'm too far away from it, you know, I go too long without it, I feel its absence and I miss it. And it becomes a longing. I think we're pulled to spiritual journeys by a longing of the heart, you know? That's what it is.

I've heard the word despair described as, you know, absence from God, separation from God, you know, separation from the other. There's something out there that we want closeness to in order to get us through our journey."